Nature & Nurture

"The first time you go to Rooted you feel happy. You realise there is actually going to be help and that there are other people who suffer in the same ways"

Young people are in need of creative, innovative and long term approaches to wellbeing. 

Rooted For Girls CIC are passionate about promoting opportunities for teenage girls and women living in Bradford to experience the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors. We create conditions for growth as we seek to combine nature and nurture to bring about long-lasting change for the young women we work with.

Connecting with Nature 

We know that being in Nature is good for us. This forms the foundation of all our work. Our project invites young people to explore their relationship with the natural world, engage with woodland spaces and to learn about the ways it can support them in everyday life. 

"Before Rooted I used to see Nature as boring - but after Rooted I saw it as a place where you can go and you can just sit there and the only thing surrounding you is trees - it made you feel like the trees were kind of like there for you"


Connecting with others

Our project works hard to model and foster positive relationships. We offer the girls nurturing relational experiences with a focus on the importance of establishing healthy boundaries, the role of interdependency and what it looks like to show kindness and empathy towards others. 

"A peaceful environment where you can make new friends and change your perspective on things"

Connecting with self

We want the girls we work with to recognise their own uniquenesss and true worth. This is achieved through increased self-awareness and compassion for self. We work to equip and resource the girls to feel better able to cope with the challenges they are facing and to feel hopeful about the future. 

"It helped me to see the world and the problems you have in a different perspective. I am more positive"